Job: Out of the Whirlwind, Towards the Cross

4/26/2020 -

Looking at the book of Job (started in February, 2020-02-09)

In This Series

  1. Have You Considered My Servant Job? (Job 1)
  2. Have You Considered My Servant Job—Again?: Sitting with Job in the Ashes of Suffering (Job 2)
  3. I Have No Rest, But Trouble Comes: Letting Lamentation Lead to the Lord (Job 3)
  4. Eliphaz's Ill-Aimed Counsel: When Soul-Care Misses the Mark (Job 4-5)
  5. In Defense of Lament: Justification for Job's Interrogation of God (Job 6-7)
  6. God Will Not Reject a Blameless Man: When Counsel is Devoid of the Gospel (Job 8)
  7. O For Grace to See Him More: Toward the Alighting Arbiter Suffering Alights (Job 9-10)
  8. Chewing on Zophar's Choke Job: God Incomprehensible, Yet Knowable (Job 11)
  9. To Be or Not To Be Worthless Physicians: Supporting Hope in Him Who Slays Us (Job 12-14)
  10. Look to the One We Follow, and Take Heart: Sustaining God's Comforts Amid Our God-Given Crosses (Job 15-17)
  11. There is a Judgment, and My Redeemer Lives: Fortifying God-Sized Hope for Job-Like Sufferers (Job 18-19)
  12. A Tale of Two Portions for the Wicked: Making Sense of Mixed Signals for the Righteous (Job 20-21)
  13. A Last Ditch Dig, and A Treasury Unearthed: The Benefit of our Devotional Life for Darkened Days (Job 22-24)
  14. True Wisdom: God's Priceless Tool for His Tried and True Sufferers (Job 25-28)
  15. I Hoped For Good, But Evil Came: Shouldering the Righteous Man's Cross (Job 29-30)
  16. The Words of Job are Ended: His Righteousness Signed, Sealed, and Delivered to God (Job 31)
  17. Then Elihu: Help for Job out of a Zeal for God (Job 32-33)
  18. Do You Think This To Be Just? Keeping Our Grief in Line with God's Glory (Job 34-35)
  19. Out of the North Comes Golden Splendor: The Surfacing of God in the Storm of Suffering (Job 36-37)
  20. Then, Out of the Whirlwind, the Lord Answered Job: The Contenting Majesty of our Creator's Supremacy (Job 38-40:5)
  21. Then, Out of the Whirlwind, the Lord Answered Job, Part II: Hope in the Scope of our Creator's Sovereignty (Job 40:6-42:6)
  22. The Lord Takes Away and Gives, and Takes Away: The Gracious Vindication, Restoration, and Anticipation of Job (Job 42:7-17)