Hello Haman, and Goodbye: When Sin Comes Home to Roost

Brian Mahon - 8/15/2021


Call to worship: Psalm 7:7-17

Text: Esther 7

Sermon Outline:

  1. Getting our providential footing, 7:1-2.
  2. Going public in faith, 7:3-4.
  3. Haman revealed: your sin will find you out, 7:5-7.
  4. Haman condemned: your sin will take you out, 7:8-10.


Discussion Questions:

  1. Read Esther 7 with Psalm 7:14-17 or Proverbs 26:27 and Revelation 19:1-2a. How do they relate? How does the Gospel come into play?
  2. In 7:1-2, how does the author point us back to prior steps of faith and divine providences? Is Esther aware of what's happened overnight to tilt things in her favor? Are we aware of new mercies each morning? What morning mercies have you experienced lately? What does the king's presence at the feast mean for Esther?
  3. In 7:3-4, how might you trace Esther's tact in addressing the king? Why does she feel the need to ask for her life? Ever had to speak under the pressure of repercussions for Jesus? How does Esther identify herself? How is this a mountain top moment in the story? Do you speak and live publicly as part of Jesus' people? Her destiny is tied to theirs. How does that come over to us as members of the Bride of Christ?
  4. In 7:5-7, how does the king respond? How has Haman's sin found Haman out? Who's brought it about behind the scenes? As he's revealed, what does Haman do? What does Esther not do? Is she commendable here? Is there a place for desiring this sort of justice in the Christian life? Think on Revelation 16:5-7. How can we balance this with a passion for the salvation of souls?
  5. In 7:8-10, Haman is hanged on the gallows he made for Mordecai. This is called poetic justice. It's also called retributive irony. What conclusions can we draw from Haman's fall? About sin? About God and justice and judgment? How do we find the Gospel in the sinner hanged and the wrath of the king abated thereby? What does the passage call us to exhibit as believers in this fallen world, with unbelievers all around us who are, apart from Christ, are sure to receive the just recompense for their sins?
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