Relishing the King's Company Together: Corporate Worship, Then and Now

Brian Mahon - 6/13/2021


Call to worship: Psalm 26

Text: Psalm 122

Sermon Outline:

  1. Corporate worship and heeding the King's heart, 122:1-2.
  2. Corporate worship and reflecting the King's rule, 122:3-5.
  3. Corporate worship and participating in the King's prayer, 122:6-9.


Discussion Questions:

  1. Read Psalm 122. What kind of Psalm is it? Who wrote it? Is David then alive or deceased? Why would that matter at this latter point in Israel's history and worship?
  2. The context of the Psalms of Ascent is that of either exile from Jerusalem, return to it, or regular pilgrimage to it . . . but the idea is that the nation has been separated from one another and, now, they long to gather, under the King's direction, to worship the Lord in Jerusalem. How does that relate to our gatherings? What are our gatherings a foretaste of? Consider Rev 21.
  3. In 122:1-2, what's their posture? Where are they? What's their desire? Whom do they invite? Is it possible to gather for worship without the King? What's that called? Have you thought that our weekly gathering is a gathering with Christ Himself? What is the King's response to the worshippers' invitation? Consider Rev 3:20.
  4. In 122:3-5, it appears that they gather as an embassy of the King's rule. What does David highlight for us? How do we reflect Christ's rule by gathering for corporate worship? Think unity (vv. 3-4b), fidelity or obedience (v. 4c), gratuity or thanksgiving (v. 4d). What does it mean today that Christ rules in the midst of us? Consider Matt 25, Rev 2-3.
  5. In 122:6-9, David calls the nation to pray. For what? According to the New Testament, who is Jerusalem today? Do we love the city of God? How does corporate worship relate to our peace and security? What is the King's pledge (v. 9b)? If Christ seeks our good, can we fall short of it? How does corporate worship, then, act as a bulwark of peace for us?
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