For the Sanctity of Human Life: Being Big in the Day of Adversity

Brian Mahon - 1/30/2022


Call to worship: Psalm 139:1-16

Text: Proverbs 24:10-11


The divinely-inspired sage exhorts the wise, the God-fearing, to stand up against injustice. The day of adversity, i.e., when the rather innocent are being violently oppressed, even to death---that day is our time to come up big. We may feel like fainting, but we cannot. The wise will prepare themselves to buoy righteousness, to do what's right, particularly when it is costly. Having been rescued, we'll do what we can to rescue the helpless from oppression and slaughter. As it relates to abortion, we may be innocently ignorant, but we cannot afford to be. And whether we are or aren't, God will not allow us to claim ignorance as an excuse. We have a responsibility as His people to be about 'true religion,' to stop making excuses for inactivity, to stop leaving truth with the tongue, and to give it real-time hands and feet. He weighs our hearts. He knows our souls. And He will repay us according to our work. Are we working for the abolition of abortion? Are we standing up for the weakest yet most oppressed part of humanity in the world---the preborn child? Is our strength small for them, or are we going to come up big for them and their parents?

Sermon Outline:

  1. Foresee the day of adversity---and prepare for it. (24:10)
  2. Fear God in the day of adversity---and rescue the oppressed. (24:11)
  3. Flee excuse in the day of adversity---and come up big instead. (24:12)


Discussion Questions:

  1. Read and reflect on Proverbs 24:10-12 in light of the sanctity of human life and the more immediate issue facing preborn children in our day.
  2. In 24:10, how does the sage mean to motivate us? Is the God-fearer to fear the day of adversity? What is meant by fainting? Why would one faint? What does fainting imply? Where can we find strength for the day of adversity?
  3. In 24:11, how does the day of adversity come clearer? What specific circumstance is mentioned? Why might some see this occurrence as legitimate? Who is the basis of justice? Who defines it? Who or what defines it for us? What is the imperative in this verse? Must the rescue of 'innocent' human beings be a part of the faithful Christian life? Is it part of ours?
  4. In 24:12, the sage foresees self-justification for inaction. What is it? How does he answer it? Coming up big for the oppressed in the day of adversity can be quite costly. How does the sage seek to stabilize the sacrifice of our obedience? When it comes to rescuing children headed to the abortion clinic, how are you involved in their deliverance? How might you be this year?
  5. Spend time either at or or this week. Let the information upon which you come create an abiding passion for the end of abortion.
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