Let Unity Flow Down: The Church Consecrated and Refreshed

Nathan Johnson - 6/27/2021


Call to worship: John 17

Text: Psalm 133

Sermon Outline:

  1. Christian unity is delightfully good (vs1).
  2. Unity is like…
    • Sacred oil (vs 2).
    • Mountain dew (vs 3a).
  3. Unified worship is a taste of eternity (vs 3b).


Discussion Questions

  1. Read Psalm 133 and note the superscription. Brian’s prepare June 9th gave a good intro to the Psalms of Ascent, so as to not reinvent the wheel: Brian – "The context of the Psalms of Ascent is that of either exile from Jerusalem, return to it, or regular pilgrimage to it...but the idea is that the nation has been separated from one another and now, they long to gather, under the King's [and their High Priest’s] direction, to worship the Lord in Jerusalem. How does that relate to our gatherings? What are our gatherings a foretaste of? Consider Rev 21."
  2. "Good" and "pleasant" or “delightfully good” (CSB) conveys both the "rightness" (the way things ought to be) and the joy and pleasure of the experience of unity among God’s people. What role does worship play in their unity? How can you and I promote this unity at the Mount?
  3. What kind of oil is this (cf. Exodus 30:23-32)? What is the meaning of this abundance ("running down...running down")? Who was Aaron and what was the purpose of this anointing (Lev 8-9)? So what does this picture in vs 2 say about unity among God’s people?
  4. Mt Hermon was known for its abundant precipitation and dew which came down to water the valleys below and feed the Jordan River. Mt Zion (Jerusalem) was relatively parched. Notice in both similes that the blessing flows from above to below. What does this picture of vs 3a say about unity among God’s people?
  5. Zion refers to Jerusalem but is also loaded with theological significance. One aspect: this is where God comes down to commune with his people and where God’s people (from all nations) come up to commune with their God. The priests, especially the high priest, mediated this relationship in the tabernacle and then the temple. As our Great High Priest (John 17), does this passage say anything about Jesus’s ministry? What about our ministry (cf. Priesthood of believers, 1 Peter 2:5, 9)?
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